S-1 Extra

S1 EXTRA can with great advantage be used in these areas:

 1. Daily cleaning of tiles, concrete and artificial floors, which are exposed to heavy traffic.
2. Heavy duty cleaning of painted surfaces without damaging the paint.
3. For pressure sluicing of industrial vehicles, both body work and chassis.
4. Cleaning of sooty objects and buildings after a fire.
5. Washing off oily and greasy machine parts.
6. Soaking agent for very dirty work clothes.

S1 EXTRA is a strong alkali which easily removes grease, protein and soot, oil and other dirt from all surfaces. As S-1 EXTRA is a very strong cleansing agent, the  recommanded dosage should be followed exactly. 

Where the surfaces are in direct contact with food products, use S-2 EXTRA, specially developed for this purpose and approved by the Danish Veterinary Directorate.

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